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Fireplace Inserts – Cozy and Cost-Effective

Most fireplaces aren’t a great way to heat your home because they are inefficient. They allow most of the heat to escape through the chimney. If you’d like to keep the cozy hearth look, but generate heat for your home, a fireplace insert is a great option. An energy-saving gas, wood, or pellet insert, slides right into your existing fireplace opening, turning your fireplace into a super-efficient heater that can cut your energy bills.

Our most popular inserts are gas-powered and start with the flip of a switch. We also offer inserts that burn real logs or pellets – small pieces of compressed, recycled wood waste and other renewable substances. Unlike a wood-burning insert, pellet stoves need electricity to start the fire, operate the blowers, run the auger feeding the pellets to the burn pot, and run the computer board monitoring the system.

We offer both vented and vent-free inserts. Visit our showroom to see our full selection.

Fireplace Inserts
Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves

If you’re looking for an additional heat source and you have a chimney, our wood stoves are a popular choice. These are freestanding and add a rustic and charming feel to your home. There’s nothing like being able to burn real wood to keep your home warm.

Pellet Stoves – No Chimney…No Problem

If you like the features of a wood stove but your home does not have an existing fireplace, pellet stoves are the answer. Pellet stoves are also free-standing and provide the same rustic charm, but they use a flue exhaust system, which can be installed by our team – no existing chimney is required

Some of the benefits of wood and pellet stoves include:

  • Variety of styles and finishes for every home decor
  • EPA certified efficiency with low emissions
  • Approved for installation in various homes including mobile homes and alcoves
  • Optional blowers available to push heat throughout your home
Pellet Stoves
Fireplace Log Sets

Fireplace Log Sets

If you’d like your fire to have that natural wood-burning look, gas fireplace log sets are designed to look like real burning logs. They are ideal for fireplace openings and create the cozy ambiance that many homeowners desire. You can choose a variety of styles of gas fireplace logs, including both vented and vent-free options.

Electric Fireplaces

We also offer an electric fireplace solution, which uses modern technology to provide the warmth and aesthetics of a traditional fireplace, without the hassle. Our electric fireplaces are easy to install and offered in popular contemporary designs.

Electric Fireplaces


Barbecue Grills

If you’re a fan of cooking outdoors, you’ll love our gas, pellet and ceramic barbecue grills. Pellet and Ceramic give you the ability to set it and forget it while your meat cooks to perfection. If you can use an oven, you can use a pellet grill. Temperature control is not an issue for extended BBQ times. Ceramic grills can also hold their temperature for long periods of time and besides low and slow smoking and grilling, give you the added ability to get high heat for steaks, burgers, and even pizza on the grill! Come in and check them out and one of our experts will help you decide which style is right for you.

Barbecue Grills
BBQ Grills
BBQ Grills

We also carry a wide variety of local BBQ sauces and rubs from Missouri,
Kansas, and Illinois that you won’t find in grocery or big box stores.

BBQ Accessories